ServiceTaxXpress 1.19

To assist tax consultants / business entities in the efficient management (See all)

ServiceTaxXpress Software:
To assist tax consultants / business entities in the efficient management of service tax returns of multiple business / premises.

Main features

Definition of Assessee(s):

The software works on top of TaxbaseLAN entities and/or offers a standalone version wherein user may define different entities and premises

Monthly/Quarterly Challan (GAR 7):

Based on the type of return the business entity needs to file, the data capture is provided for bills, receipts and tax credit bills of suppliers for the relevant period. Based on these entries the Service Tax challan may be generated and printed


Reminders may be sent on paper or emails to customers reminding them of non-filed returns

Provides Monthly/Quarterly Returns:

Service Tax challan (GAR 7) can also be generated and printed

Direct Entry of Half Yearly Returns:

The system automatically computes the Service Tax liability along with education cess and higher education cess
Interest, such as interest on delayed payments, is self-computed
Unutilized credit based on Service Tax liability. The unadjusted/unutilized credit is automatically carried forward to the subsequent period

User-friendly Interface to Microsoft Excel:

Allows receipt of bills, receipts and tax credit supplier bills data from consumer in pre-defined files

Post-filing Information:

The tax consultant is able to view data of all customer whose returns for a certain period are not filed for reason of non-receipt of data or non-filing due to the client's office operational problem:

-Half-yearly form for ST-3 returns preparation
-Input of credit services and goods treatment
-Provision for abatement in bills and receipts
-Available with TaxbaseLAN and standalone mode

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